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Symposium on Poverty and Development
Conference Hall Alankar Bhawan, Boring Road,Patna
National HRD Network,Patna Chapter
Vice President Ratnakar Misra presiding.
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Quotation from an introduction and reply by Manu Shanker Mishra.
"In any pedagogy there is suppression.The economics of higher education of a formal system in an overall model of primary,secondary and higher education takes note of both formal and informal education in view of the privileged and under privileged sections of the society.With an intuitive knowledge of the market pulse the analyzer can do regular suppression without ignoring the business cycle caused by zeta function of a double sheeted plane and the first, second or third wave.The shock fronts effect the point of vetification in the social distribution of knowledge.In a system of awarding for a reward in terms of gain of knowledge in the 0 knowledge model there is no future shock or tremor in the present if no institution of higher education is treated as the sole point of reference with high frequency.The informal economy is purposefully ignored and formal education is of a degree even with scholarships,grants and loans.Acceptance is a wish of the priveleged only while for the underprivileged it is what they must accept.Between invention and theory there interval of creative ability and false notions.Comparitive advantages underlying interchange of ideas are repressed as industry and trade insist that there interest must be first attended to.An assymetric technology is not necessarily anti-symmetric but effects priorities.Experiences in Bihar or India do not differ from those of UNESCO and world line has existence only in Editorial Board of New York Times and Discovery Channels."
Ratnakar Misra summed up proceedings, thanked the Team which gave the power point presentation and thanked the Lady Social Activist, Suman Lal for sharing her experiences in jail with all.She had to serve the sentence for being guilty of contmpt of court, as held by a bench of Patna High Court  headed by Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad. This reported judgment had curious references to Manu Smriti.
"I can only add from my own understanding of Methodological Frame of the Field and LL.B (google for Manu (Shanker ))that there can be no resolution in the absence of the deontic net and there can be no mechanical equilibrium in a market economy. Sadly both are missing in the works of this Nobel Prize for Economics Winners 2009."Gerdt Corpelijn

"This report on delta functions and business cycles is an original work.I posted a query to Manu Shanker Mishra on global recession and burst of bubble economies.His reply was that it is both a Type I and Type II error in extrapolation for a double sheeted plane by American and European economists that none recognized the recession at the appropriate time.What the Nobel Prize Committe 2009 feels I cant say.The theory of market pulse, analyzer and social choice is here to say.Manu Shanker Mishra is perhaps the most influential Indiian 2009.I am working on his comment."Dr.R.N.Yadav



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