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Books can be purchased from sellers at Alibris, AbeBooks.com or Amazon.com. The books reviews are available on Aaj(Patna) 14 August 1990,Swatantra Bharat (Varanasi)28 May 1991, Patliputra Times 24 August 1989,The Hindustan Times (Patna) 28 March 1989, Amritvarsha (Patna) 13 October 1989,Sulabh India November 1989, Samarkshetra 23 March 1991,The Times of India (Patna) Campus Corner 2 Feb 1989,The Times of India (Patna)21 August 1990,Aaj (Patna) 20 December 2009,Hindustan (Patna) 22 December 2009 ( The newspaper and newsmagazine cuttings are available with our office).

As the author uses the name Manu only on the frontcover, at some places listing is by Manu or Manu 1946- at others Manu Shanker Mishra,or Manu (Shanker Mishra)These Books can be found Oxford, University, Harvard University, Cornell University,Washington College of Law,London School of Economics, ICJ, European Court of Justice Library catalogues by typing Legum Baccalaureus, Manu,We are deeply honoured that LL.B is catologued in London Mathematical Society vide Letter of its Administrative Officer ( available with us) and House of Lords(now UK Supreme Court) vide letter of Director Information Services(available with us) and US Department of Justice vide communication of Head,Main Library (available with us). It has excellent review by S N P Sinha, Chairman Bar Council of India. For  Cambridge University Rayleigh and Whipple Library by typing Methodological Frame of the Field,Oxford University Queens College and Radcliffe Science Libray by typing Methodological Frame Field,Manu or Princeton University by typing the same.  IIT Kanpur and Bombay, India by typing the same. The London Mathematical Society catalogue will also give the details in UCL barcode 2807952085.Also available Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, TN India vide communication of the Head, Scientific Information Rsource Division ( available with us), Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Library, Sobolyev's Institute, 53 M 26.For Chogyal Cornell, Yale ,University of Cambridge, SOAS, Rutgers University, Columbia University,Brown University Indiana University, Wesleyan university USA  by typing the same.As  http://worldcat.org/oclc /.... numbers have altered 7 times in between 10 to 12 December 2009 kindly search by book name.

For reviewers, kindly post your request to Dr.Asha Tripathi as "Request for Complimentary Review Copy". The requests are scrutinized by our education Board.The education Board comprises Dr. Asha Tripathi (Historian), Dr. S. N. Jha (Jurist), Dr Baccha Tiwari (Eminent Mathematician), Dr. A. K. Upadhyay ( Constitutional Law Expert) and K.D Chatterjee ( Senior Counsel) In the past six months only the request by mail of Zentrablattmaths, Berlin has been acceded to. Bolggers and sham reviewers/editors of online journals and online Encyclopedias are not entertained.

Copyright violations can be reported to us for which we shall be extremely grateful.We make donation of copies of the books ( if available) to public libraries only.



Methodological Fame of the Field, Manu , Price US $15/-, Reprints available sometime in May 2010

"..peruse the book for its immense knowledge itself..." 28 March 1989,Hindustan Times, Patna


Legum Baccalaureus, Manu, Price US $ 80/- Reprints available sometime in May 2010

Parts of the book were first published in the Bihar State Bar Council Journal.


Chogyal, Manu, Price US $ 5/-, Reprints available sometime in May 2010

Parts of the book were first published in Hindustan Times,Patna,11 July 1989,17 October 1989,catalogued in School of Oriental and African Studies , Russel Square, London vide letter of librarian dated 16.10.1990.

"... an attempt to preach Maitreya Religion from the backwaters..." 23 March 1991 Samarkshetra

"... Unique and Experimental..." 14 August 1990, Aaj, Patna


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5. Cho-Ghyal by Manushanker Mishra
5. COMING SOON Scriptum (March-2010, expected date of release)
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